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In 2021, the Company operated in line with its strategic targets.

According to the results of the hydrocarbon reserves audit conducted by DeGolyer& MacNaughton, Rosneft's SEC proved hydrocarbon reserves as of December 31, 2021, amounted to 38.3 bln boe (5.2 bln toe)*. In 2021, an organic replacement ratio for the SEC proved hydrocarbon reserves was 116% while a replacement  ratio for the operating assets made up 117%**. According to the PRMS classification as of December 31, 2021, 1Р, 2P and 3P hydrocarbon reserves stood at 42.2 bln boe (5.7 bln toe), 82.3 bln boe (11.1 bln toe), and 126.4 bln boe  (17.1 bln toe), respectively.  

* - Taking into account acquisitions/disposals, including fuel gas.
** - Estimated in metric units within the comparable perimeter (including asset divestment).