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Rosneft Gives More Than 120 Licenses for Unique Russian digital Complex for Modelling Hydraulic Fracturing

17 October 2019

Rosneft Oil Company has given more than 30 commercial and more than 40 test licenses for the right to use RN-GRID, Eurasia’s first industrial simulator of hydraulic fracturing, to twenty-five oilfield servicing and oil and gas companies. The Company has also given more than 50 academic licenses for the use of RN-GRID in teaching and learning activities to four leading partner universities.

Rosneft became the first Russian company to provide import substitution of software for hydrofracturing modelling. The RN-GRID digital complex is several times cheaper than foreign software, prices for which have until recently been high due to lack of competitive domestic offerings. With the new proprietary solution, Rosneft gave a powerful impulse for the development of market and technologies in the field of hydrofracturing modelling.

The RN-GRID software complex was created in 2017 by specialists of RN-BashNIPIneft, part of the Rosneft corporate research and development complex. The simulator allows to precisely describe the complex geometry of a rock fissure that appears as a result of hydrofracturing. The software complex allows to conduct all operations and engineering evaluations necessary for fracturing treatment design.

To date, more than 6,500 fracturing operations with full modelling cycle with the use of RN-GRID simulator have been conducted at Rosneft sites.

Note for Editors:

As part of implementing the Company’s digital strategy, Rosneft has developed Eurasia’s first industrial simulator of hydraulic fracturing RN-‑GRID. The import-substituting solution ensures the technological independence of the Company in the field of computer modelling and will improve the efficiency of hydrofracturing operations.

The mathematical model of the RN-GRID simulator is based on the most up-to-date Planar3D concept which allows to describe the complex geometry of a rock fissure that appears as a result of hydrofracturing with utmost precision. This gives RN-GRID an advantage over Western commercial alternatives, most of which use simplified methods.

Hydrofracturing is a key technology for supporting and intensifying of oil production both at traditional reservoirs and at fields with hard to recover reserves.

More than 10,000 hydrofracturing operations are conducted annually at Rosneft’s production sites.

Information Division
 October 17, 2019